Ruby on Rails

Rapidly developing, deploying and scaling web applications which leverage cloud infrastructure and agile development methodologies in a Results-Only Work Environment.

Ruby on Rails is another popular platform after PHP, for web application development. One of the primary reasons for popularity of RoR (Ruby on Rails) is Gems and Code Generators. It makes the development process incredibly fast. Its preferred platform for startup development in silicon valley.

Luutaa has a dedicated Rails Team for all kind of web applications. We will take care of planning, building, deploying, and managing your Rails app.

If you got a next million dollar idea and looking to build a working prototype, Rails is best choice for you. Rails is meant to develop rapidly, scale rapidly and to stay easy on maintenance as compared to other more popular web technologies like PHP & ASP.Net. A real platform for web applications, web 2.0 solutions, CRM solutions and even complex things on web. Rails is not meant to make CMS websites, Blog or cheap (economic) online brochures.

Here are some reasons why you should plan your web app developed on Rails

  • Applications are super scalable, some cloud hosts prefer rails applications
  • Releasing API is a breeze
  • Known for developing apps than websites
  • Everyone in Silicon Valley Loves it
  • You cannot lose time with your competitor
  • Used by Twitter, Groupon, Shopify, Basecamp, GitHub & many top companies
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