Responsive Design

We’ll help you design a responsive website or convert your existing website into responsive layout. We love Bootstrap CSS Framework for responsive works but we also have our own CSS framework if you want really light footprint.

‘Responsive’ is currently the hottest term in the web design industry. Why not? A responsive design looks stunning on all types of devices. The same website is programmed in a way that it adjusts its layout according to the screen and the device used to access the website. Whether you see it on the web, on your iPad, or on a Smartphone, it looks great on any platform.

Apart from its accessibility and better site management features, this technique is also endorsed by the search engine giant, Google. Please take some time to review the following article in order to learn why it is desirable to have a responsive design rather than having a separate mobile site, or perhaps not even having one at all:

Our team is well-versed in responsive designs using core techniques as well those based on popular CSS frameworks such as 960Grid System and Twitter’s BootStrap CSS framework.

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Advantages of Responsive Design:
  • The maintenance of Responsive Design is easier since there is no involvement of Server-Side components, and it only requires edits to the underlying CSS for a better look and feel.
  • Problems ensuing from having separate mobile and desktop web links get completely ruled out.
  • Having a unique URL for every page of your site will boost the website’s SEO (search ranking).
  • Separate mobile and desktop websites are not needed. Thus, Money and Time Overhead gets reduced.
  • Since Responsive Design does not care about User Agent strings, increasing the number of mobile devices and mobile browsers on a daily basis will not be an issue.
  • The site’s usage report from Google Analytics will reflect more positive data on your website, since it will consolidate the usage statistics from both the mobile and the desktop site. The same will hold true for all social networking sites.
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