Javascript is everywhere in the modern web. From fancy sliders to complex AJAX apps, it has changed the face of the Internet in past 5 years. JQuery, Backbone JS, Angular JS, Underscore JS, and Ember JS have promoted its widespread use in modern web applications.

Javascript luutaa

JavaScript is the backbone of user interactions. It is responsible for quick and lively interactions, drag & drop capabilities, user friendly web forms with validation & field hints, wide use of modal windows, effective navigation using modern mega menus, sliders for landing pages, and more importantly, AJAX. These are just some examples of how JavaScript has transformed the way things look and behave on the Internet.

jQuery plugins exploded on the web with hundreds of cool new things. We cannot imagine a modern website without jQuery or its plugins. We have also contributed to the jQuery community by developing new plugins. While most companies are limited to the use of plugins with their already established attributes, we can go a step further and make major changes within the plugins themselves.

We are one of the few teams who push beyond the boundaries with JavaScript. jQuery Plugin development, Plugin customization, and custom JavaScript codes are part of our daily lives as Luutaa Web Developers.

Some Standard Usages of JavaScript in Modern Web Design:
  • Modern Drop Downs and Mega Menus
  • Inline Form Validation
  • Galleries & Slideshows
  • Lightboxes and Modal Windows
  • AJAX
Advanced Usages of JavaScript in Web Apps, Web 2.0 Solutions:
  • High-End User Interfaces (UI) with drag & drop, and sortable features
  • Use of various Google APIs like Maps, Visualization, Translate, etc.
  • Advanced Data Grids, Gantt Charts, Schedulers Using DHTMLX & Other Libraries
  • Charts, Graphs & Other Visualization Forms
  • Social Media APIs like Facebook JavaScript SDK, YouTube API, and Twitter API
  • 2D / 3D Animation using HTML5 Canvas & JavaScript
  • WebGL, Two.js, Three.js
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