Facebook Integration

Facebook brought a never before opportunity for promoting almost anything. We helped many businesses and individuals burgeon with social media. Not only has it given us useful plugins which swiftly integrate with our website, but also The Facebook API, to deeply integrate the social experience.

User actions can be translated into related social actions. For example, comments on your blog can be powered by facebook comments plugin so every single comment is promoted by itself. Login & Registration plugins makes it super simple signup for existing facebook users and with added bonus, it tells user’s friends about this signup. Isn’t it great! Facebook like, send & recommend buttons have become a benchmark for a web entity. More likes your website has, more you are considered reliable & superior.

Facebook also used OpenGraph, which converted every entity on web into a social object. With a right combination of OpenGraph Meta tags, your pages will promote what you want. For more advance features, we can define our own actions and entities using facebook graph API. You can learn more about it here.

Our team is working on many innovative ways of integrating facebook on their website. With our technical expertise, we work closely with our clients to implement result oriented marketing strategies. Online marketing playfield has changed a lot with facebook platform and we keep pace with it to benefit our clients through it. Here are some popular integration types.

  • Facebook Login Integration
  • Facebook Registration
  • Facebook Comments Plugin Integration
  • Posting auto updates on facebook wall when you post something on your website
  • Showing facebook feed on website
  • Like’ to reveal something exciting
  • Integrating web photo gallery with facebook photo gallery
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