Journey with internet technologies

Our growth is driven purely by success of our projects and ever lasting relationship with our clients. Over 200 businesses and individuals around the world trust us as their technology partner. We are thankful to open source platforms and rapidly improving internet technology stack. We are keeping pace with a lot of new front-end and back-end technologies.

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Luutaa Technologies has served over 200 clients across 18 countries
around the world in past 7 years.

2014 - 2017
Startups and Cloud Era

Started working on a series of new services designed specially for Startup companies around the world. We build Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for new startup companies keeping it in stealth mode. We identified top services needed by most Startup companies and formed a team to serve the needs. Web apps, cloud deployment, marketing tools integration, CRM integration, API development, and bigdata analytics are common needs of most Startups.

Web 2.0 and CMS Solutions

During this period, we worked on a lot of business websites running popular open-source CMS like WordPress, Drupal. We also developed a custom enterprise level CMS built for performance and security. It was designed to run very large websites hosting over 100,000 pages.

The Social Media

Evolution of social media helped hundreds of thousands of businesses with new ways of online marketing. It opened new business avenues for Luutaa as well. During this period we designed over 400 Facebook page tabs, apps, custom Facebook integration and Twitter integration on business websites, and a lot more. That was about time when we started digging in various APIs and built tens of applications on top of Service Oriented Architecture.


Founded in 2009 and never looked back since then.

Luutaa Technologies has served over 200 clients across 18 countries around the world in past 4 years.

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