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Installing DICER on facebook page tab
  • To install DICER on Facebook :
    - upload all template files to your HTTPS enabled server
    - log in to your facebook account and visit :
    - click on "Create New App"
    - add "App Name" and "App namespace" -> click continue
    - fill out captcha form -> continue
    - on top of the page there is a "app id", this id will used on page creation time.
    - enter domain name in "App domain" ex: (No http or https or www)
    - make sure sandbox mode is disabled
    - click on "Page Tab Build a custom tab for Facebook Pages" link
    - fill out all details, make sure to add your website for both http and https version ex :
    - leave "page edit url" blank. Add tab image (111x74). Tab width 810px.
    - visit Replace (YOUR_APP_ID with the app id mentioned above and YOUR_URL with your domain url [] )
    - on next screen, select the page on which you want to add your page tab. Click "Add Page Tab".
    - visit your Facebook page on which you just added your Page Tab. You will find your "page tab" there :)